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Supplementation for Toddler

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Hello all,

I recently weaned my 13 month old due to having to take methotrexate (and numerous other meds) for severe RA... she has never been a great solids eater, and I know her diet is lacking now that she is not BF. She has some symptoms of either a food allergy or leaky gut (namely chronic soft stool) so I think there may be something else going on and I'd like to get her on the right track at least. I want to get her on some sort of supplementation, such as Babyjarrow, a mulitvitamin, etc. What is necessary/helpful for a 13 month old who is no longer BF and is not getting much in the way of diet? What are some good supplements out there on the market, and what sort of dosage would be good for her (she is about 21 lbs, give or take).

Thanks in advance!!!
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Honestly at only 13 months if breastfeeding is not an option I would supplement with formula. From my reading it seems that since humans need human milk for 2 years, they would need human milk replacement for 2 years.

Thanks angela for responding so quickly,

I have been supplementing her with Similac (I know that's not the best choice, but this happened so fast I didn't have time to do much research and I had to get her on something). I just feel so horribly guilty... and I feel like her diet is still lacking in some nutrients, even though we are supplementing with formula. I guess I am just not used to it

I have tried giving her some stoneybrook farms yogurt and she is just not a huge yogurt fan. I guess it was just so much easier for me to take some supplements and pass them on via breastmilk. Now that I can't BF, I am just lost as to what she needs at this age.
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There is an organic formula that is worth looking into. Also - have you researched your meds? Many meds they say are unsafe are really okay, and others there are other choices for.

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I'm going to look into that organic formula. I'd probably have to order it off of the internet. I live in the FL keys and my nearest big health food store is Miami... almost three hours away. But it might be worth it.

I have researched the meds. Frankly they scare the you know what out of me but my RA is getting debilitating... almost to the point that I can't care for my dd, and my hubby is military, so the doc feels we have to treat it aggressively at this point (I did try some other stuff prior to the meds and it didn't work enough to stop the progression)

Methotrexate is a cancer drug, a category X for fetal health/breastfeeding. Not to mention I am on high doses of prednisone and other stuff. So as much as I don't want to supplement with formula, I feel that it is the lesser of the two evils right now

thanks again for the support
See less See more all means not trying to hijack your thread..but soft stools are a sign of something wrong? My son is 2 and has always had soft stools. One every other day. Does this mean something could be wrong?
Hi fed up..

don't feel like you are hijacking the thread! I am not sure if they are a sign of something wrong... but she didn't have them at all, then all of a sudden a few months ago she had them. Her stools are soft to the point they are not formed at all, more watery than consistent most days. She has at least one a day, most days she has two or even three.

Even if it's not a sure sign that something is wrong, I know she would still benefit from trying to heal her gut a bit, I just want to research some options for her since she doesn't eat well either.

I hope you get some answers too!
A probiotic formula like baby jarrow would be really good for her. As for formulas, the organic formula or a hypoallergenic formula like Enfamil's Nutrimigen might be good. Nutrimigen is designed for babies with colic, digestive problems and food allergies, so it's easy on the digestive system.

Don't worry too much and just try the organic and hypoallergenic formula and see which one agrees with her more. Add the baby jarrow probiotic as well.

Good Luck and I hope her stools firm up a bit soon!
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