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Supplements for a sick kid? Cross post

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I posted this in the nutrition and good eating area and think that was totally the wrong place, no responses, so I'll try here, my toddler is getting worse...

Ever since my toddler weaned himself (he still comfort nurses about once every 4 days though ), he's been sick. My oldest 2 (diff bio-"donor" as I call him) were never sick and this is bugging me. He had RSV w/asthma and bronchitis at 6 months old, but before and since, very healthy, til the past couple months when the weaning began (he hates my milk since I got pg). Runny nose, cough (deep chest cough at night) since I can't give him what he needs, I want to supplement but I'm not sure what to give him....I can't spend much until next payday in just under 2 weeks, so I'm limited to what might help him most right now for about $10-20. What can I give him to help his body fight off this crud?

We live in a smallish town/city in Idaho, so I'm pretty much limited to what I can get at the bigger chain type stores if that makes a difference.

Thank you!
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I would give him some Sodium Ascorbate. I think they have it in capsules or powder. If it is in powder it has to be 'good' tasting or he won't take it. That is a very good form of Vita C especially when he is sick.

Personally I think he should only take it as long as he is sick.
for longer term, you might give "SuperImmunity for Kids" a read. but i'd go with Gitti's advice for now - sodium ascorbate (and lots of it) until he's feeling better. i doubt you'll find sodium ascorbate in the big chain stores though. i found mine at and it was a reasonable price, i think.
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