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Okay this is my situation. I am trying to wean my son off of bottles (we do not breastfeed) to sippy cups or cups w/ straws. He drinks plain ol soy formula. I am not crazy about soy at all but he started drinking it from the DR. cause he is allergic to milk and at the time I knew zero about soy. Soooo....I would like him to drink something like rice milk out of a cup and then have other foods for his needs. (fats, other vitamens) I have read a lot you mama's use supplements...and I would like to do that to but what kinds do you guys recommend? My ds is 14 months so something he could drink would be nice, something to put in his drink or etc. My doc. gave me DHA Junior from Nordic Naturals. Is this any good? Please let me know what you guys use! Any good tips on weaning would be helpful too! Thanks!
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I have the bottle problem too so I can't give you any information on weaning from the bottle... when you figure it out, let me know
DD is 17 months and doesn't seem ready to give up the bottle at all. I do put water in a sippy for her, but she'll go all day long and just drink a tiny amount so I know she wouldn't drink much milk in it.

As far as supplements go, right now I am giving dd CLO (she gets nordic naturals orange flavor I think it is... but when I need to get her some more I'm switching to blue ice because it has a higher vitamin content) She gets her CLO in her morning bottle of kefir and she doesn't know it's in there. She'll also take it by itself off of the spoon occasionally.

I also do probiotics with her because she has a bad tummy (has since birth) Right now we are doing baby jarrowdophilus.... but again, I'm looking at other brands when this bottle runs out since she's getting older and can probably handle other kinds now. It's a powder, I sprinkle about 1/4 teaspoon into her naptime bottle of milk (she's on soy too... she will drink rice milk, but she eats hardly anything so I'm worried about her not getting enough fat in her diet if I take her off of the soy milk completely, even though I think it's not good for her tummy

I've been looking into floradix or something similar... just haven't gotten around to researching it yet.

You might also want to post this question in the nutrition or health board (if you haven't already) as there are some knowledgable MDC'ers over there who know a lot about which supplements are best.

Just out of curiosity, how are you thinking about getting other fats into his diet? My dd likes peanut butter (and yes I have already given it to her because it's one of the few things she *will* eat) and I'm working on finding some sunbutter next time I go to the HFS instead. She won't touch avocados and any kind of dairy makes her so gassy and bloated (and in so much tummy pain
) I've even tried avocado in smoothies and it's no dice for her. I just can't think of too many other sources of good fats and I don't want her to get her fat content solely from supplements, KWIM? I'm just interested, because I'd like to get my dd on rice milk as well instead of soy or dairy, but I'm worried about the fat.
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Hmmm I give my girl chewable vitamins, which she loves. I get them at trader joe's. She weaned at 18 mos. and a few months later (almost 2 y.o.) was able to drink cow's milk, before that she had problems digesting it. She loooves milk now. Other than that I don't do any supplements for her, just try to provide a great diet. Luckily she does like to eat, I know some toddlers, especially between 2 and 3 y.o. get quite picky about their diet and it can be hard to provide enough nutrients.
Well same goes for my ds...loves peanut butter, well most of the time
. So we do peanut butter A LOT! He seems to be so picky lately though about what he eats! So, I am wondering the same thing: about fats. Thats why I asked about supplements. However, like you I want him to get fats from other foods as well. I will post this on the other board. (didn't know about it!) Well, its nice to know there is another baby out there that is still drinking from a bottle
Starting to feel as though I was the only one!
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I give my daughter Nordic Natural's Cod Liver Oil. She's been getting it since she was 4 months old. Recently, I started her on a liquid children's vitamin from the health food store. I do probiotics too. I give her kefir to drink and yogurt to eat. She loves both.

I haven't been able to get my 13-month old DD to use a sippy cup either. I think she'll do it when she's ready. She's just not interested in a sippy cup at this time even thought I've tried different brands, designs, sizes.
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