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Or, well, probably more likely, earthquake, hurricane or whatever disasters are indigenous to your region.<br><br>
Most of those lists of "Buy this stuff" are written for omnivores. Here is my list of supplies for 4 days of meals for my family of three, and since I looked everywhere for a vegan list before compiling my own, I'm sharing what I came up with. Yeah, it's a little light in the veggie department, but there's a reasonable amount of fruit. This is a shelf stable minimal fuel emergency menu, not good nutrition.<br><br><br>
12 packages instant oatmeal<br>
12 servings instant coffee<br>
4 herbal tea bags<br>
12 packets sugar<br>
4 quarts aseptic Soymilk<br>
12 fruit cups<br>
12 fortified juice boxes<br>
2 packages graham crackers (Nabisco Original is vegan)<br>
1 jar peanut butter<br>
1 jar jam<br>
12 applesauce cups<br>
1 bag dried apricots<br>
1 bag raisins<br>
12 single serve almond packets<br>
1 box Luna or Clif bars<br>
2 cans chili<br>
4 packages heat and serve rice<br>
3 boxes shelf stable Indian entrees<br>
1 pound angel hair pasta<br>
1 jar marinara<br>
1 can white beans<br>
3 cans soup<br>
1 box crackers<br>
1 package Vanilla Joe-joes<br>
30 count multi-vitamin<br>
24 1.5 liter bottles of water<br><br>
Breakfast= Oatmeal, fruit cup, juice, and coffee/tea<br>
Lunch= PBJ on crackers, applesauce, soymilk<br>
Dinner 1= chili and rice<br>
Dinner 2= Indian entrees and rice<br>
Dinner 3= Soup and crackers<br>
Dinner 4= Pasta with beans and sauce<br><br>
Dessert= joe joes<br>
Snacks= Bars, dried fruit, almonds

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