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Supply after return of AF????

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I am wondering if starting my first period PP after 6 months is affecting my supply. I work full time and was able to pump about 16-18 oz. during the day. This week I am only able to pump about 12 if I am lucky. Is this because I got my period or could it be something else? Just wondering if AF could be affecting my milk. Also, DD (7 mo.) has been eating like crazy. Before she would only wake up 1 time at night and now she wakes up at least 5-6 times per night and wants to eat all night when I get home from work. Is this normal?
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Your supply can take a bit of a dip between ovulation and the start of your period, but it should go back up again once your period starts.
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I know that I'm ovulating when ds nurses ALL NIGHT LONG until my nipples feel like they will fall off and my breasts are really, really soft. Fortunately my supply comes back up after a day or two.
i have a supply dip (and very sore nipples) right at ovulation, and also right before i get my period. your situation sounds normal.

drinking lots of water and eating some oatmeal usually helps me a bit during those hormonal low times.

also, your dd might be going through a growth spurt as well, which could also explain the all night nursing.
Kellymom Link:
Natural treatments for nursing moms
"Low milk supply associated with menstruation: Calcium/magnesium supplement
Some women experience a drop in milk supply from ovulation (mid-cycle) until the first day or two of the next menstrual period. ...

The recommended calcium supplement dosage is between 500 mg calcium/250 mg magnesium and 1500 mg calcium/750 mg magnesium (the higher dosage is generally more effective). Calcium dosages this high should not be taken alone, ... Otherwise the calcium will not be adequately absorbed into your body. The amount of supplement depends on the composition of your diet -- the more animal protein, the more calcium/magnesium needed.

Start the supplement when you ovulate, and continue through the first few days of your menstrual period. If periods are irregular, then begin calcium/magnesium at 14 days after the beginning of your last menstrual cycle,

****or simply take the supplement every day.**** "

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I have had the same situation in the last few weeks. I only work a couple of days a week, but I work 12 hour shifts. I used to pump 16-18 oz. and always had more than DD would drink while I was gone. I had my period last week and was only to pump about 10-12 oz. However, things have been fine when I've been home. I wonder if I would have even known if I wasn't pumping?! Paranoid as I am though and hoping to nurse until age 2 or so, I started eating oatmeal and taking some fenugreek for insurance. I wish I could interest my daughter in eating more often, but she is 8 mos. and is WAY too busy exploring to take time to nurse.
We already have to nurse in a dark quiet room if there any hope of her nursing much these days! She does most of her nursing in her sleep before naps and at night.

I appreciate all the reassurance offered here and will certainly try the cal/mag supplement as well.
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