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Supply dive

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I have a question for those of you who've been at this longer than I. My supply has really been falling off lately. Emma constantly asks for the other side or says "ninnies all gone" and gives me a sad face.

I don't have a noticeable letdown at all anymore. Initially it was the tingling and super spray letdown. Then it went to a mild sensation and the only sure way I could know that it was let down was to hear Emma gulp more rapidly. She doesn't gulp at all anymore.

Is it normal for your supply to just disappear at almost 20 months???? I don't know what to do

I can't take fenugreek (ended up in the ER because of bad side effects) and I've been pounding the water, my diet hasn't changed... I just don't get it
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Could you be pregnant? That would be the first thing to come to mind. Also, is there any reason your supply took a dive? Are you still nursing very often?

Is there anyway you could take a few days and just try to encourage nursing? It is a little different with a toddler but maybe go around the house with no shirt for part of the day or offer the breast often.
Zero chance of being pregnant.... I can't have anymore babies

BUT... she has reduced from about 10 times a day to just naps and bedtime, but it was a really slow change (over a course of about a months time).
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So you have a busy toddler that wants to do other things besides nurse. I would maybe offer to nurse more often. Do you want to nurse to a certain age? Meaning do you have an age where weaning isn't an option. I very actively encourage nursing to age 2 because that's what I feel my kids need.
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