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I was just going to post something about this. I noticed about a week ago a real difference in my milk supply. I usually pump about 3 times a week and one morning after 6 hours of not nursing I only got 2 oz total! After talking with LLL leaders and trying tons of supplementation, my conclusion is that is hormonal. I noticed that I was ovulating and that my supply was much affected by that. After that ended, my milk came back like normal and I am not taking the fenugreek or blessed thistle. Your baby will eat what she needs. FYI- my homeopathic DR. said that all of the teas are fine. You would have to drink such a large quantity of it to really affect your milk production. She also encourages me to take homeopathic pills when I am sick and no harm will come to your babe. I would be interested to hear what happens to your supply after all your hormones are back to normal.
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