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Help! My DS is 10 months. I think I am losing my milk supply, although not sure... I am a single mom and very tired...<br>
He seems to really pull at my breasts and contort his body like he's trying to get more.<br>
I am getting less and less when I pump. Is this normal at this age?<br>
Interestingly... he doesn't take a bottle at all... never has. Will hardly take any milk from a cup. So all he really gets is from me. So how could my supply dwindle??? But I really think it is. He is very busy during the day and it can be hard to get him to nurse. But he will often pull at my shirt like he wants to, but then only suck a minute, not get the milk flowing and then move on. He's a busy little guy. Don't know if he really needs to nurse and it's frustating for him, or if he is just kind of fooling around, likes to know it's there kind of thing.<br>
He mostly cosleeps and nurses a lot at night.<br>
I don't even really know how much he should be nursing at this point... is it ok that he doesn't nurse much during the day anymore? He does eat solids pretty well most days.<br>
I do pump when I'm at work, but it is really hard to try and pump when I'm home with him.<br>
Also... I have an old pump: Pump in Style, Medela. I sometimes wonder if the suction isn't as strong as it should be?<br>
I am drinking Mother's milk tea and just bought an herbal supplement with Fenugreek, Blessed thistle, marshmallow root and fennel.<br>
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions...? It is very important to me... I really want to nurse as long as DS wants to... had no intention of stopping for quite some time.<br>
Thank you so much!!!
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