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Supply goes up, down, up, down. Is this normal?

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Ok this makes no sense to me. I get my hopes up one day and down the next. Is it normal for supply to fluctuate daily? For instance, on monday I pumped 5oz in 4 pumping sessions (i'm low supply). Last night and this morning it felt like DS was swallowing more and I thought "yippee!
: My supply is increasing, maybe the DPD is kicking in finally!". Well now today at work, i've pumped HALF that 2.5oz in 4 pumping sessions. Some days my breasts feel full at each feeding..some days they feel completely deflated before even starting the feeding. I'm so confused!!
: What could make my supply fluctuate so much in such a short amount of time?

Also, a few weeks ago, after seeing a new LC, I had 3 full days of a much more abundant supply and DS was satisfied the whole time and I barely supped at all and then out of nowhere, my supply diminished...and then it happened again the following week! Suddenly, I had a supply again for 3 days and things were great...and then gone just as quickly as it came. WTH???! Could it be EXTREMELY mental for me and somehow I completely psych myself out as soon as I get my hopes up? If that's the case, why do my breast feel deflated on the days it seems my supply is low? It feels like I'm such a lost cause.
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This sounds familiar to me. I suspect that some women just have a more sensitive supply than others. I know for me that just small changes in how much I drink, how much I eat, how much I sleep, stress....make a big difference in my supply. I also think that some women can go for long, producing more than baby actually takes in. I believe that I pretty quickly react to even a slight oversupply so that if I have 1-2 days of feeling on the full side, I'll have a few days of feeling on the low side. I never got to have that "today i have plenty of milk feeling" for very long at a time.
Ok, that make sense. Maybe i'll have to start charting how much i'm eating, drinking, sleeping, stressing etc to see if there is a correlation. It would make sense that on monday i have a more abundant supply after relaxing more over the weekend and I usually eat more over the weekend and stress less because hubby can help more. I was impressed with my supply on monday (for me) and maybe it was from how much I ate on easter but if I always ate that much, i'd be gaining weight like crazy!

Does diet have a huge impact on milk production? As in, WHAT i'm eating. I know i'm eating enough. I eat whenever i'm hungry and I haven't lost any weight so i'm pretty sure i'm eating enough in quantity, but i'm not sure i'm eating the best quality all the time.

What are the "mother foods" other than oatmeal?
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