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Supply issues! Please help!

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My dd is nearly ten months old, I am 15 weeks pregnant. I also have a pretty bad cold.
I noticed yesterday that I really don't have enough milk for her. If I squeeze I can usually get a little out, but she can only nurse for a minute or two from each side before it is gone. She is left tugging and obviously wanting more.
I am trying my best to drink lots of water. I bought oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. Someone mentioned that Brewer's yeast might help but I am not sure where to find it.
I have so far, avoided supplementing with formula and am offering my breast frequently. She does take "solid" food twice a day. (Ok, sometimes, only once.)
Any other advice or things to keep in mind? She is no where near ready to wean!
We both thank you.
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I would go see a lactation consultant ASAP. Try to find one who has one of the specialized scales that can measure "milk transfer" ie how much your dd is getting when she nurses. They may also be able to offer you weight checks, more frequently than you would go to the ped. Also watch her diapers. The key is to make sure she's hydrated and peeing enough, and gaining weight. If you think she's not getting enough, she's probably not. When I was pregnant, my dd was younger than yours, and I ignored my mama instincts telling me she wasn't getting enough, because everyone was saying she seemed happy, was meeting developmental milestones. She ended up loosing weight and refusing bottles. It is my greatest regret that I didn't see a lactation consultant. If supplementing becomes necessary, they will be able to help you find a way other than bottles to help keep your dd on the breast if you want to keep nursing her.
its pretty common to dry up during pregnancy. your body is just trying to do wother things. but ditto on the LC....they will have the best advice. beer i hear is good (if dd isn't too frequent a nurser) and mother's milk tea?...i think. ((((hugs)))) to you! that must be soo very hard ... esp at only 10 months. i hope you get it resolved soon!
Here's kelly mom's advice on how to increase low supply:

Congrats on the new pregnancy. You might also check out Adventures in Tandem Nursing for hints:
It's not just the water and oatmeal. It's the total calories you need. One of my books says 3000 cal. a day for pregnant and more if breastfeeding.

Originally Posted by sararose
mother's milk tea?...i think.
If you're getting it, get Traditional Medicinals ORGANIC, which is a different formulation than the non-organic. The conventional one contains fenugreek, which is a great supply booster, but not recommended during pregnancy. You could also try nettle tea or tincture. I used the tea and I think it probably helped me hold on to my supply longer than I would have otherwise.
As far as nutrition, you might want to check out this thread:
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