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Originally Posted by babibelli
have any moms out there had supply issues with the first but not with the second? i am hoping and praying it was all circumstantial and not some anatomical problem.
me me me!

My firstborn had the most terrible time nursing. She was tongue-tied, and born too early via cesarean, my milk didn't come in for six days, and DD just couldn't nurse effectively or even stimulate a decent supply until she was three months old. When I finally started working with an IBCLC, I had practically lost my supply altogether (couldn't even pump 1/2 ounce from both breasts combined in less than an hour of pumping)

My second was also tongue-tied, but had no problems nursing and I have not had any supply issues at all. I nursed through my pregnancy, and also ate the placenta after the birth of DD2, and I just know that had a huge impact on how soon my milk came in.

I have always heard that supply problems the first time does not automatically mean you will have the same problems the second time around. That your body is now better prepared to produce milk.
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