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Public Citizen is endorsing the Arbitration Fairness Act, which would forbid corporations from imposing forced arbitration on consumers and employees.

There are two steps to take to support this legislation.

1. Sign the petition that Public Citizen will present to members of Congress.
2. Write to your Representatives in Congress and encourage them to sign on as cosponsors of the Arbitration Fairness Act.

Forced arbitration often shows up in the fine print as "binding mandatory arbitration." It basically means that if something goes wrong with a business you're using or your employer(e.g. discrimination), you waive your right to pursue any justice through the courts. Instead, you must see an arbitrator, usually of the corporation's choosing, in a private and secretive process that will never become transparent to the public.

You'll see such clauses in documents from employers, phone and cell phone companies, credit card companies, banks (including loan applications), insurance companies, and even doctors!

For more information, browse through and
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