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Oregon mommas,
Midwives there need your help.

HB3232, as currently written maintains a majority of direct-entry
midwives on our oversight board, in keeping with OMC's legislative
bottom lines. However, new language has been proposed that will
remove our majority. If the current LDM majority is removed, we will
be the only health care providers without a majority on its
professional board. As the experts in out-of-hospital care, vaginal
birth, and our own profession, it is vital that direct entry midwives
have a strong voice on our board. Maintaining a majority of Licensed
Direct-entry Midwives on the LDM board helps to insure safe practice
and to protect the best interests of the families midwives serve.

Direct-entry midwives currently attend births for a diversity of
families including poor, rural and other underserved women in our
state, many of whom face transportation and economic barriers to
prenatal care and for whom unlicensed and licensed direct-entry
midwives remain a viable (and sometimes the only viable) route of
access to care. It is imperative that we protect the out of hospital
birthing option, and the right for a woman and her family to choose
where and with whom she delivers. This is especially important during
this economic crisis when more and more women are facing barriers to
prenatal and birthing care.

Oregon must refrain from enacting any legislation that removes the
majority status held by LDMs on the Board of Direct-entry Midwifery or
similarly threatens the current practice of midwifery in Oregon. To
insure best practice, it is vital that the experts -- the Licensed
Direct-entry Midwives -- retain their majority on their professional

Please call, e-mail or write to your Legislators and to Rep
Greenlick, personalizing your letter or email by sharing some of your
experiences with midwifery care. A brief example is attached for your
use if you choose. You can also refer to the attached talking points
for more ideas.

To find out who your state and federal elected officials are, simply
go to the following link and fill in your address and zip.

Here also is the link that will allow you to find out what your
senators and representatives are doing:

Please forward this to clients, friends, families members
etc.....anyone who is willing to write a letter on our behalf. A
hearing has been scheduled in Salem for Monday April 27th at 3:00pm.
We would like Chair Greenlick to be bombarded with letters before that

Thank you for your support and timely response,
Missy Cheyney
OMC Legislative Liaison
Holly Scholles
OMC President
Melissa Cheyney, Ph.D., CPM, LDM
Assistant Professor
Oregon State University
Department of Anthropology
212 Waldo Hall
Corvallis, Oregon 97331

[email protected] <>
office: 541-737-3895
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