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Surprise, another alarmist warning (vent)

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At first it upset me, now it's just annoying. I'm experiencing adventures in dual care. Lots of good reasons why I wanted medical care along with traditional midwifery care from my homebirth midwives.

I found a lovely CNM/OB practice that was willing to provide this.

The original plan was to go in three times. Once to meet them, once for some testing, and once at the end for GBS testing.

Except them they "had" to put me on every-two-weeks appts to "follow-up" on an infection. Except that she didn't actually follow up on the infection but took the opportunity to tell me I had GD.

Except I didn't have GD. Took a month to convince her of that. (By way of chekcing blood sugars at home. No way was I doing the three hour GTT.)

So this week, the latest is that I'm "at risk" for pre-term labor. Because of "all the stress" I'm under. Hello! I'm at 34-1/2 weeks. I've had moderate BH with no pattern at all. Aside from having a miserable chest and head cold, I'm doing great. As far as I'm concerned having some BH contractions when I go for a long walk is a *good* thing.

She's afraid that I'll go into labor before 37 weeks and my midwives will attend me at home before then. Right. First of all, I dunno even what my midwives' standards are for how early they'll attend a homebirth. There haven't been any actual signs that it might be an issue, so I haven't asked. I asked about going late, which is far more likely seeing as how this is my first.

Second of all, lady, could you possibly be more alarmist? Holy cow, everything is just fine! The only potential issue with "stress" is when I have to take a three-hour exam next week and won't be able to take a break. I'll be nearly 36 weeks then, and I'm not the only woman ever to have to sit for three hours in late pregnancy. Last time I checked, some people are still working full time at this point! It's true I've got prenatal depression, and that I've had a very difficult class this term, and that my DH is unemployed, but how on earth is threatening me with PTL when I've had no worrisome symptoms supposed to *help* my stress level?!?! I'm learning to just ignore it, or at least be merely irked by it rather than panicking like I did when she sprung the GD thing on me, but it can't be helping with any stress I've got.

The weird thing is this practice is the granola-crunchiest edge of mainstream practices in teh area. There are one or two more progressive individual doctors and nurse-midwives around the local crunchier types are all familiar with them and the consensus seems to be mostly that they're pretty good.

I guess it's just bc they are trying to save me from my homebirth.

And if this lady tells me one more time that she'd "be more comfortable" if I'd just go to the birthing center, I'm going to just say right back at her that I don't really care what makes her more comfortable. She is not having this baby.

Thank you, that is all for today's rant.

Whew, that felt better
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Big hugs mama!
I'm glad you feel better!
I totally understand though, believe me.
I just wanna be like calm down ya'll, there's no medical emergency for you guys to flip out about just yet so chill!
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They sound yucky! At least you don't plan on delivering with them. That sounds like THAT would be stressful!
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and good luck with all the high risk signs you have.
Some people just latch onto the worst possible outcome and not take into account the other things that might be affecting you or even think that their panic is adding to the situation.
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