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Suspecting Twins. Thoughts Please?

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I am currently 14w4d pregnant with baby #2. My first daughter was born 16 months ago.

I went for my first u/s at 11w2d because the OB couldnt find the heartbeat on the doppler. When I went to the u/s, the tech explained that the reason my OB couldn't find the heartbeat, was because she was looking in the wrong spot, that my fundus was measuring 16-17 weeks. My first thought was twins. I asked her if there was two and she said "not that she could see" She was having a hard time getting a good look at the baby she could see though.

Today I went for another prenatal appt. They weighed me and I have lost 4 lbs from 11 weeks until now. This despite eating a LOT. I am also measuring about 20-21 weeks. She put the doppler on and immediately found a heartbeat. It was in the 140's. Then she moved the doppler over a bit and found another heartbeat that was in the 160's. She said the baby must have just been sleeping.

I am just thinking with all this stuff put together that there could be twins, despite seeing only one on the ultrasound.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, in advance.
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Sounds like it could be. My measurements were the same as yours. 2 different heartbeat rates.

Or it could be something totally different. Fibroids, or or or.

In the meantime, be thinking about adding extra protein/calories to your diet in case it is twins.
Thanks so much. I have been eating a LOT. I can't believe I lost weight. I honestly thought I would be up 10 lbs I have been eating so much LOL.

They checked for fibroids and cysts when I had my first ultrasound because of the size of my uterus and never found anything.
I really doubt you're having twins. It's just NOT that common to miss it on an ultrasound, especially one where the fetus(es) are developed. The fact that you asked and the tech said no is a pretty good indicator.

I'm guessing that you're just a bit stretched out. I had twins with my first pregnancy that went full term, and since then I have always measured big. Like, VERY big. Your babies are, gestationally, only about a 12 or 13 months apart, right? It's possible that your uterus just got roomy quickly...something that I've definitely seen happen with my singleton pregnancies. Even with this one (at 9 weeks, a few weeks ago), I was measuring big.

Yes, it depends on the tech and the skill of his/her ultrasound, but I wouldn't worry about it too much at this point. With all of my ultrasounds (and I had a lot of them while I had twins), you could easily see both babies with just a little bit of movement of the ultrasound wand/stick. Even at 7 weeks.
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I agree with RedOakMama. Although twins are sometimes missed, it's pretty uncommon. You could always ask for another u/s to be sure.
Thanks girls. I figured the same but since there is always that small chance.....and the u/s tech we have here is not very good, to put it nicely LOL.

I am getting another ultrasound at the end of March so we will know for sure then.
I have measured 4-6w ahead this whole pregnancy. Just one baby, although it is our first boy, FWIW!!

kind regards,
This is my third baby, fourth pregnancy... my last pregnancy was in 2005 so its been a while... and Im measuring several weeks ahead. But for certain only one baby in there. Its normal to measure off, its really not an indication of twins as much as people think it is.

If the tech wasn't good enough to find a second baby, why would you trust them over your OB that your fundus is measuring so far off when your OB is trained to check that?
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