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DS had this too, and I know darn well he didn't eat any solids. There was a thread about it a while back - several mamas had noticed their dcs' poops had changed. DS's was VERY stinky - I mean clear out the room stinky!! And it was thicker/stiffer, too.

If I remember correctly, it seems like it was just an adjustment that some babies make as their digestive systems grow. If I were you, I'd ask DCP if she had noticed DD's poops being different (stinky, firmer) lately. I would also ask her (you said she bf her kids, right?) if she thought it might be a fore/hind milk imbalance. (I know she's not an expert, but this would give her an opportunity to say "Oh, yeah, or it could be the cereal I gave her" if she did give her solids).

I tend to think that it's not a result of solids, just changes in your dd's digestion. I bet it will go back to normal (or thereabouts) soon.

Meanwhile, hold your nose!!
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