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I'm hoping that you will tell me I'm just being paranoid. I hestitate even to post this but it has been weighing on my mind all night and I'm looking for some reassurance.

Some background, I'm a full time WOHM of a four month old dd and I have been back to work for about a month. Dd is staying with an in-home dcp who we love. She seems very loving, gentle, and experienced. I go to feed dd at lunch every day and the more I chat with the dcp the more I like her. The only problem we have had lately is that dd isn't too crazy about the bottle. At first she was taking between 2 to 4 oz. at each feeding but ever since last week she's only taking an ounce or so. It's almost as if she knows I'll be there so she waits for me. Frankly, I'm flattered and not too worried since she seems to be gaining well.

OK, here's the poopy issue. Dd's poops have become less frequent over the past few weeks. No big deal, I think three days was the longest she went and aside from some particularly smelly gas everything seemed normal. Usually she poops during the day so dcp gets the privledge of changing her. Cut to today, she hadn't pooped for the last two days and right before her bath she got a big smile and I caught quite a very stinky whiff. When I changed her I noticed her poop was different. It was stiffer, kinda greenish (as opposed to mustardy), and smelled, well, like regular poop. Is this normal for exclusively bf babies her age? I had the horrible thought that perhaps the dcp had given her formula or even solids in perhaps an effort to get her to eat more. I don't think she would do that (she bf her own dcs) but the reality of it is that she is a stranger that I have only known for a little over a month. If this is normal for babies her age, I don't want to ask her because I don't want to create an atmosphere of suspicion unnecessarily. Tell me I'm being paranoid and I have much to learn about the varied nature of baby poop!
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