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Monique Dupre apparently spends around $65 a week on groceries! I am hosting one of her Introductory workshops at my place this coming Tuesday, 9th of December at 7 pm. There are 5 spots left if anyone is interested to register. The cost is $35 and according to Monique's website (, this is what will be discussed:

"You will leave with a wealth of practical information, a notebook full of resources and the knowledge to implement it in your life, and- you will see a difference in your grocery bill right away!

Other topics discussed in the Intro. workshop include:

Save money on groceries and all household items, big and small
Eliminate trips to the grocery store
Shop and cook in season using local, organic ingredients (yes, this IS possible to do on a budget)
What you can make from scratch that will save you $$
Eliminate processed foods
Stocking up the pantry with bulk, whole foods
Eliminating plastics (how to replace them with other materials) and purifying your home
Shop with alternatives in mind
The importance of daily and weekly rhythms
Conscious consuming
Small changes that have a big impact on the earth
The value of supporting our local economy
Involve your children of any age in these daily tasks and much more"

So you could be canning by next summer! I've heard great things about Monique's workshops. She lives in Vancouver and this article gives you some idea of what she's about: .

You need a paypal account to register. If you haven't got one and still wish to attend, you could contact Monique, I'm sure another form of payment can be arranged. Or you can PM me and we could work something out I'm sure. Thanks!
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