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My DD got a few cloth diapers for her 1st b-day a few days ago and the Swaddlebees velour isn't as nice as I was expecting. I was expecting a soft diaper, but it just feels like a towel
It is thick and fluffy, but I was expecting it to be soft to the touch. I have Swaddlebees AIO and the velour on the inside of that diaper is soft. When my mom got them in I asked if they were super soft and yummy she just said "No, it feels like a towel", so I asked for the receipt to see if maybe she ordered the terry cotton, but she didn't. Oh well, I guess I just had my hopes up. They seem to work well, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

With the price being so much more than the terry, what is the difference? Does it absorb better?
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