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Swaddlebee organic velour fitted has hemp -- first wash ?s

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I just bought a new SB one size organic velour fitted, and I know it has hemp in it. I know you're supposed to wash hemp (e.g., joey bunz) 3 or 4 times on hot before using them to get out the oil. I also know that during these initial washes, you shouldn't include anything but other new hemp items.

So, do I treat the SB the same way? It's the only new dipe I have that has hemp in it. So do I need wash it those first 3 or 4 times all by itself? I also bought some new pocket dipes that need to be washed, but do I need to keep them away from the hemp until I'm done with those initial washes?

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Any "natural" unbleached fabrics have oils in them. You don't have to wash it by itself. The only reason not to is you might have a chance of the oils getting onto something else, but I've never had that happen in almost 4 yrs of cding.

I usually just wash my new diapers once and don't expect them to preform to there best the first few times they are worn
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You don't need to pre-wash it as many times as you would have to with hemp inserts because the OV layers are absorbant enough just as they are. You should be fine with just 1 pre-wash.

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