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Swap diaper for tuffykenwell

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OK, I am going to start by saying that I am not promissing that this AIO is going to be waterproof
I have done diapers for a long time, and tons of them but not many traditional AIOs. For some reason I had h*ll of a time with the elastic on this one and after the third try I got it , then realized that it was sewn to the wrong side to make it roll in like I intended. SO, I guess the only way to know is to try it, but Stephanie, beware! Do to this disappointment with my own craftswomanship, I will be throwing a surprise in the package that wont be pictured here

This is a traditional AIO with outer layer print Poly Knit PUL, a full body layer of hemp terry, 2 hourglass shapped layers of microfiber and a strip layer of hemp between them. Then an inner layer of Suedecloth. Hidden snap caps on the wings as well. turned and topstiched style with basic pattern from the Poquito Pants pattern, I just didnt follow her directions or do the soaker the same

In progress:


Outside open:

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It looks great! I love the print on the PUL.
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