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Anyone interested? Littleteapot did such a good job that I am not sure I can organize it as well as she did but I will give it my best shot if there are any takers...Limiting it to 16 last time with a $15 limit really worked well...Anyone game?

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i can start by adding what i would like

*advocacy baby tshirts

*newborn/small diaper covers

*birth bead

*something handmade

* handmade sling

*nursing tank

*Big Brother tshirt (3T/4T)

Do we want to do this the same way as last time or also add what we have to give like if we already have prego books, maternity clothing etc to pass on?

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well my post was moved to trading post which i only wanted to offer to the girls in our DDC sooooo

if we are putting what we have to give.. maybe it can be ok to put it here like this:

I will have brand new Homebirth supplies from a friend and will not need all she has to give.. so i can do that in a swap too.


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OK...I'm "borrowing" from Littleteapot and her great ideas last time - thanks!
: If it sounds familiar that's cause I cut and pasted...she's a much better typist than I am!
Here is the deal:

How it works:
In the swap, you will receive one package from a fellow October '06 mama, and you will send one out.

First, you post your ISO list.
You have until August 10th to get your ISO (in search of) list posted.

Some ideas for what to put your list:
Gift certificiates
Home birth supplies
Teas and herbals
Diapers and baby clothing
Maternity clothes
Morning sickness remedies
Candies or chocolates
Postpartum care
Books and projects to help older siblings adjust

Specify what condition you'd like the items in, whether or not you prefer home-made items, and so on. Keep in mind that some of us mamas don't have a lot to spend so please don't put expensive items on the list. Your ideal price range is at or beneath $15 per item, especially if you're looking to get more than one thing sent to you!

Try to make the list long so you have a better chance of having someone match with you. You can edit your ISOs as many times as you want until the last submission day. Get ideas from other lists and add to your own!!
The idea is to give as much as possible to choose from so that a mama who has several of those items readily available can say, "I pick her!" and send them to you!
Once all the ISO's are posted, search through and find a few people that you can send things to. PM me with your picks (pick more than one person so that I'll have an easier time matching you up) and include YOUR name and address.

When I have everyone's picks, I'll PM you with your match, along with their name and address.
If you are an old pro at swapping and you want to double up, please specify this in your PM to me!

You'll then have one week to get your package together and mail it with delivery confirmation (we don't want anyone's swaps getting lost!).

The limit is 16 participants - that includes me!

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Ship your packages and remember to keep the confirmation numbers!

Important Dates:
ISOs up by August 10th
PM me with your choices by August 15th.
I'll tell you who you'll send to once I have everyone's choices in.
Ship your packages with confirmation by August 25th.

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Here's my ISO list:

- ANYTHING handmade - I am a sucker for little knitted stuff and am the least craftsy person on the face of the planet!
- Gift certificate to any restaurant chain for those first post partum days! (We have Applebee's, Papa John's, and Ruby Tueday's in town and that's about it!
- Baby clothing in size 3/6 months (I grow them big!
- Cloth dipes/inserts/doublers...etc...
- Chocolate - any kind - I am a chocoholic

- Big Sister T-shirt in size 3T (I can't find one ANYWHERE!!!)
- Caffeine-free herbal tea (any flavor)
- Candle to light during labor
- Postpartum herbal bath

I think that's all I can think of...I will really take anything as long as it is from one of you! You ladies are terrific!

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I'm in!! I'll be back later with more for my list.

Restaurant Gift Cards (GREAT IDEA!) (National Restaurants)
Small cloth diapers (AIO's or Fitteds, new or great condition)
Cloth wipes and solution (prefer new)
Cloth nursing pads (prefer new)
Big Sister (5) and Big Brother (24m or 2T) shirts
BFing, cosleeping, and cloth advocacy tees for baby
3-6 month neutral sleepers
Moby type wrap/sling
Third trimester tea
Warm fuzzy socks (I wear a size 10 shoe)
Adventures in Tandem Nursing book
Nursing tank size medium

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Oh, I was hoping for another swap! Thanks for taking up the charge, ladybugchild77!

I am so in...

Okay, whoops! I'm late posting my ISO list.

**second-hand is fine, and I *love* homemade!

*cute baby hat...hand-knittted would be awesome, "pilot" caps are soooo cute, whatever!

*copy of Runa's birth (used is great)

*small books and/or dollar store toys to use in "nursing basket" to give my 2 y.o. something to do near me when I'm nursing

*homebirth advocacy onsie or tee shirt (gently used is fine)

*cute receiving blankets

*homemade wipes solution. I've never used a solution before (always just used water) and am thinking about trying it out. So if you send me this, please send your recipe, too!

*birth bead

*baby legs (homemade would rock)

*newborn socks--I've only had Spring babies before!

*anything wintery in 3-6 month size

*nightlight with soft glow. I like to use one in the early months so I can see to get baby latched on in the dead of night, and I only have ones that are pretty bright.

*I've never tried mama cloth before and would like to. If you send me homemade one(s), will you share your pattern, too?

*baby nightgowns that open at the bottom for easy nighttime changes

*nb dipes, sm or med covers

*homemade flannel wipes

*pouch sling--I don't know what size I am in pouches but I wear XL, 1X on top, and am 5'6"

*love the idea of restaurant gift card

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I love homemade and gently used it fine with me too.
No Onsies please-trying to avoid the below snapping shirts since I use mostly wool covers for my cds.
mama cloth for pantiliners or postpartum pads with wings please
children's book on breastfeeding-I think there was one mentioned in Mothering once
XL nursing pjs-don't need to be official nursing wear
I'm the big sister shirt in 3T or 4T
Booby Tubes-at least I think that is the name-they help with engorgement in the early parts of nursing-maybe I don't need this since I am still nursing? Hmm...
wool care items
homemade soft or wooden toys
angel brush-baby's first toothbrush, or something similar looks like this
Baby Gap socks- the solid color ones that have the rolled down cuff- asst colors and sizes needed
Postnatal DVD pilates or yoga or something to get by body in shape (burned is fine)

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SO far here's who I have on the list:

1) Me
2) BCmamaof5
3) angstmommy
4) ArlyShellandKai
5) soccermominsd
6) Lovinmy2babies+1
7) citizenfong
8) deliarose
9) CrunchyMamatoBe
10) Kathryn
11) Swampwitch
12) Nosebite
13) Unitytree
14) Deleria
15) Jule924

Plenty more room for you other ladies! I will update the list as I get more names!

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Oh, me me me! I was just thinking we should organize a swap! Thanks, ladybugchild77!!

The beginnings of an ISO list:

(gently used condition is just fine!)

* gender neutral 3-6 month onesies and footed sleepers
* medium sized CD supplies (dipes & covers)
* washable breast pads
* size medium nursing tank
* GD books
* pouch/hotsling style sling (size small-medium)
* felted toys
* wooden teething-style toys
* hand-made or knitted... anything, really!
* herbal sitz bath ingredients for post partum
* fruity tea
* bath/body treats
* anything you found fabulous in the first weeks as a new mama

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Ok, my ISO list:

(used is totally OK!)

-Gift cards to Babies R Us, HEB (local grocery), Target
-Preemie or small newborn plain sleepers or bold, fun, prints (no Disney type stuff, but Zutano, Gymboree, and Carters are ok)
-Silicone or Soothie pacifiers (don't know if it's alright to include this on here, but I will need them with 3 infants), no rubber
-Fuzzi bunz in medium or petite toddler
-Swaddling blankets
-Soft cloth toys/snuggles
-Knitted or wooden toys
-Big sister T-shirt in 24 months, 2T, or 3T
-Very long maternity tanks in Large
-Cloth pads for the lochia
-Soft pajama pants in small or medium for me (no flannel, please)
-Nursing bra in 32DD, 34DD, or 36D. Underwire is fine and preferred, but not needed.
-Brand name (huggies, pampers, 7th Gen, etc..) newborn/preemie disposible diapers (we're using cloth, but plan on using sposies for going out or for the first few weeks as we adjust to life with triplets)

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What about me?

COOL - My List

Handmade items
Nursing tank medium
Wooden Toys
Cloth Diapers (Small)
GD books
Onesies/tees Pro bf and co-sleeping

How does it work? Do you pick a buddy for us and we mail the gifts by a certain date? Thank you

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Oh Fun!!!!! I love the idea of swaping with you ladies!!

Okay, here goes, new or gently used

*any kind of wooden/natural/holistic style toy for wee baby
*Comfy flannel jammies for nursing in (size womens large)
*nursing tank B or small C cup, size medium
*anything knitted for baby or kids (kids size 3,6,9)
*soft leather sole slippers for N-6 months (knitted or lined with something warm)
*PP aromatherapy stuff
*PP herbal bath
*birthing candels
*any advocacey shirt for any age- B-feeding, homebirth/co-sleep/attachment parent/homeschool/cloth diaper/organic food
*washable nursing pads
*non-plastic/non-vinyl cotton/hemp or wool change pad/mattress pad,
*good quality diaper bag
*cloth doublers/liners
*flannel or terry washable wipes
*wool soakers (small or med)
*birth ball
*a favorite Autumn recipe!!
*something for kids to help the adjust and give them something to do~puzzel/games/books~things of a natural/holistic/co-operative nature (ages 3-8)
*books~Ina Mays guide to childbirth, birth without violence,birthing from within, unassisted childbirth, wisewomen herbal for the childbearing years...anything on naturalhealing, homeopathics for pregnancy/childbirth/children, womens health

Thats it...........I think....
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