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swappers-how are you sending packages?

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Hi for those doing the swap:
How are you sending packages? UPS? priority mail? I want to make sure my packages get to the recipients.
It's fun putting the packages together, isn't it?
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I'll probably send mine Priority so I can just put it in the Priority package right at the post office, but I would think regular first class would also be fine...missbliss did mention in the guidelines to get a delivery confirmation number so the package can be tracked, too.
I sent mine USPS priority mail. I <duh> forgot to get delivery confirmation. If you see this Sleepymama and don't get you package very soon, let me know. There-delivery confirmation!
I sent mine priority because it was a very small price difference for priority and first class. Also a free envelope!
I normally ship either first class or priority with delivery confirm. But I will have to figure out how to do this for canada--haven't done that before!

Got it lioneyes--see other thread!!
Steph, send it the cheapest way possible, all the tracking stuff doesn't work across teh border so they'll be ripping you off. Parcel post from CA is usually just a week or so. Couriers will rip me off for brokerage so it must be sent via post.
Thank you for the replies!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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