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Sweet Dreams diapers?

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Hello ladies. Just curious if anyone knows anything about these? I have seen them on e-bay a few times and they are so inexpensive. I didn't see a rview posted so I thought I would ask here. Are these a good deal or a save my $$$$$?
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I have a few of these. I needed some "stash fill-ins", so I figured I'd try them, what could I lose.
I actually think they're a pretty good deal for the price. The sewing was pretty much perfect, except for the tabs (but she's changed the design, I got one of the new ones to try out). And, being a WAHM myself, I do inspect other people's work LOL
The reason I thought they were pretty good is because the crotch is as trim as my fuz!! I HATE diapers that are so wide inbetween the legs that it folds when the baby's legs are together. The sweet dreams diapers don't do that!
So, I'd say at that price, to get one and see if you like it.
I ordered some for my dd and was very impressed. Her butt is a little wider though so I asked her to make some that are about 1/2 inch xtra in the butt. She is great. She is willing to make diapers with your own childs measurements and in patterns that you like. They even did well overnight. I wound up ordering more to replace some of what I am using right now. The price is great too.

What is the seller's name?? I love dipes with a skinny crotch
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Hi, Robin.

Here's a link to her Ebay store...

I just bought a set of the diapers. I can't wait to try them and the prices are so low!

Hope this helps...
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Thanx Kimberly! They are cute! Gotta try one out!
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