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sweet potatoes or yams??

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My baby is far from getting any food (she's only 3 months and I'm going to wait for atleast 6 months) but when I do introduce a food, I'd like the first one to be a nice, organic, sweet potato or yam. Is one better than the other?? I keep hearing sweet potato on the boards but I don't know if people really mean sweet potato or yam.
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Technically, what you are buying in the orange root vegetable in the US is a sweet potato whether you call it a yam or a sweet potato. Yam is an african root vegetable that is hard to get in the US and is much starchier.
I know at the grocery stores I shop at the yams are more orange and IMO taste much better. The sweet potatoes are more yellowish and taste way starchy to me. I'd go with the yams.
Ok, so the yams win.
The yellow sweet potatoes seem more startchy to me too and that's why I was confused that people kept saying sweet potato.
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Hmm... we usually buy "Japanese yams" which are dark purple outside and yellowish inside, and are much starchier tham both the "yams" and "sweet potatoes" I've seen at the stores... are these true yams?
yams!! i find sweet potatos a bit bland in comparison but sometimes a mix is good too.. i like making ginger&garlic yams with brown rice or for inside of nori like sushi burritos.. but we eat a lot of yams in lots of ways. YUM.
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