Hey, I'm in the thick of hideous clouds of juniper pollen here in Santa Fe. Cherilyn Swenson of Spabox dropped by and gave me some sweet relief in the form of Clear My Head 2 Go Roll On Inhalation. It helps. Benadryl did nothing, nor did Claritin (although they work for some). As I mentioned, doing the neti pot helped last night, but it's not something I want to do in the work bathroom sink area. I roll the inhalation it over my sinuses, as the skin under my nose is currently too sensitive to go near.

We had a great time talking about some other brands she's repping, including Nectar Essences and Buddha Nose. (Me, I have corned beef nose at the moment). We plan on doing some super-delish blog giveaways really soon, so stay tuned! Christine, who won the Lisa Kogan book a few days ago, said "I've never won anything before in my life!" so there's hope for all y'all.

The other thing that helps: watching Mad Men episodes back to back. What a great distraction.

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