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Sweet thrift store find !!

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DH and I went into Value Village today, and found 10 home-made fitted diapers (in great condition I might add). Cute flannel outer, thin soaker pad - they'll definately need a doubler. White flannel inner. Velcro closure.

Paid $6.50 after a 20% off coupon and taxes.
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I am ALWAYS finding diapers at my Valu Village, the problem is they overprice some things sooo much, like a not great condition fitted diaper for 2 bucks seems like a lot to me..

lol I can't resist fluff IRL tho.. I have a LOT of Valu Village finds

I went on 50% off day and there were NONE! (there must be another CDing momma in my neck of the woods!)
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I know what you mean Heather - there used to be TONS of diapers at ours (Whitby - where are you ?). Now, I'm lucky if I find even 1 every 4 months or so.

Thankfully we stocked up before our Boo was born, and then they had them all out individually, and priced at $0.49 and $0.69 each. Now they package them all up - and it seems like they are asking $0.75 - $2.00 each for them. We've passed up on a few packages of Indisposables and prefolds there. But today's were SO cute I just couldn't resist grabbing them.
I occasionally find some at ours here too. Yesterday I found 3 NB covers for 1.50. I look for them and now I have my mom and her pals looking for me too, LOL. They haven't started pricing ours high yet.
I'm in london.

Sometimes I can convince the cashiers to give me a deal lol, but usually they wont!

The weird thing is thay have a price list and training pants are only supposted to be 49 cents, and cloth diapers are not on the price list, so I think they should be 49 cents too.. lol

I am way too cheap and go to valu village wayyy too often!
Oooohhh. I love Value Village. I have found Nikkys, proraps, bummis, cpfs, fitteds, tons and tons of gerber and ecology kids. I want to go every weekend but dh gets bored with it. lol

I look every time I'm in Value Village, but so far they've only had plastic pants--gerber ones and Indisposables ones. I keep hoping though! And I did once find a knitting book with a wonderful pattern for longies that I'm going to try one day soon...

I wish I could find SOMETHING good at my thrift stores here! (something, anything!!!)
Oooooh! I
thrift stores! In fact, almost all of Nicole's clothes are from thrift shops and garage sales
I even get alot of things brand new with the tags still on them!

Sadly, though, I never find dipes (well, maybe once or twice, but not very good ones
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