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Sweatpea Doll -- Mothering Toy Guide 2013

review by melanie mayo

Filled with 4 pounds of millet and dressed in real newborn baby clothes this unique baby doll is as close as your child will ever get to having their own real baby to love. Any toddler or older child will just adore snuggling up with their little sweetpea. Very well made from all natural materials, these little friends will last and last -- making them well worth the money. $129.95 at a Toy Garden

well made from natural materials, heavy and huggable, unique


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Sweetpea Heavy Doll

Our exclusive SweetPea Baby Doll is heavy and huggable. It is filled with about 4 pounds of millet and wool to make it feel like a real baby. This is a beautifully made baby- whom all children (and adults) love to care for. Every adult who holds this baby immediately puts it over a shoulder and rubs its back or holds it and rocks it! Children smile when they pick it up and realize how heavy it is - they quickly get busy caring for it. This baby wears a cotton velour layer and cap that are both not removable. It has hand sewn facial features. SKIN OPTIONS: Chocolate, Mocha, Light Tan, and Fair (see picture of skin colors below). HAIR (Bangs only) OPTIONS: Blonde, Sandy Blonde, Brown, Black, Red (often there is a straight or curly hair option, let us know if you have a preference). EYE COLORS: Brown, Green, Blue, or Black. Mouth is slightly smiling, hand stitched. It is almost 20" tall (larger than many newborns). It is gender neutral. Sweetpea can be dressed in real newborn 0-3 month clothing or large doll clothing.


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