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Swelling down but pain while sitting up

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Oh, there was a time that I was lamenting about how I looked like those monkeys at the zoo with the blue bottoms hanging a quarter-way to their knees, waddling around. Fast forward, day 5 and 6, "wow it's my vulva?!" But for the past few days (7-9) my vag has been more uncomfortable than it was the first day. I can barely sit (and this side nursing business is much more difficult to maneuver a good latch) for more than a few minutes at a time and I have this burning pain at the incision sites. I think I've dissolved a few stitches but man, when does this get any better? I mean I know about the whole six weeks, blah blah, and really I just rather go back to having monkey butt disease and not be able to fit into my regular underwear due to my elephantiasis labia. How long is one banished to the bathroom for mediocre relief from the Peri bottle ladies? Oh, to be able to sit in a car....
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So sorry, mama. I definitely remember that with my first. Are you freezing pads and wearing them? If not, do it! Sprinkle water on them first then pop them in the freezer - gives some relief and will help the swelling. Also, if you have any homeopathic arnica tabs, you can disolve them in some water and then use that to wet the pads before freezing....and take the arnica orally too! Other than that, stay in bed with that baby and just rest as much as possible. Sometimes (if you've got small boobs, like me
) placing a pillow under your side/chest while side lying to nurse really helps with positioning.
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