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How does one go about making a swim diaper? What are the essential qualities that a swim diaper should have? I'd like to convert the VB Side-snap pattern to a swim diaper for ds. Currently, we're using some sposie little swimmers that I bought last summer before we switched to cloth, but I'm almost out. Luckily, ds is still in the same size. Thanks!

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Swim diapers just need to contain solids - so they don't necessarily have to have any absorbency in them. However, I like mine to because if I'm sitting by the side of the pool nursing a baby in a swim diaper & he falls asleep and pees, I'm covered in pee! I don't use *much* absorbency because that would just make the diaper heavy and soggy in the pool.

Outer layer of PUL - but it could just be a knit or a stretchy spandex. I just like to have that waterproof layer for the scenario I described above
and an inner layer of microfleece. Maybe two or three layers of thin stretch terry or two layers of sherpa knit terry sewn in the center (potty training style).

Take two inches out of the rise of a regular diaper pattern by folding it across the stride & creating a new curve on either leg. You won't need all that extra room for the regular soaker pad.

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