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I really like the Hang 10 swim shoes they have at Babies R us right now. They are very soft soled, softer than some others I've seen, and easy to get on baby feet. And in simple bright colors. They are about $7. The only trick is getting there when they have your child's size in stock.

DS hasn't worn his much yet as I just found them in his size this week. He's almost 14 months and has been walking for a while. But he walks in them easily.

I did a net search and found a couple of places to get them on line. I think I could dig up a link or two if you need it. Try calling them "water shoes"; as I recall, that works better for a search.

Other places to look: Stride Rite has some cute spendy ones, Payless has some, and so does our local sporting goods store. You can find them if you dig around, though some lines only start at size 5. I'm happy with the ones I've chosen.

I wouldn't wear Robeez as swim shoes only because the leather seems to take forever to dry. And they might be slippy on river rocks, but not so much on sand. If you have an extra/old pair you might consider trying them.
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