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Switching to Homeschool Mid Yr and Moving

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Our life has been a bit rough this yr. My dh has been out of work and we are getting ready to move to PA. We're trying to hold it together for the kids, but in reality there is still a lot of uncertainty in our plans. Right now two (8,5,& 2) of them are going to the public school. I have really become turned off by the public school system and have been doing my homeschool research since their first week of school in August. I probably have 10 library books on homeschool and learing techniques and I am constantly exchanging them out. I'm trying to figure out how we should all homeschool and I'm getting there, but I don't know if I will have my agenda figured out by the time we move? I guess I'm really at a loss of how to get started half way through the year? I wanted to give them some time off, but I don't know what the laws are yet (in terms of starting after the traditional school year starts). Maybe I should just try to find someone in PA to find out what I have to do, but I thought I would check on these boards first. I'm feeling a little intimidated because we are moving to a new place and homeschooling is going to be a new adventure for us. It seems like so many of you here on MDC starting learning about homeschooling when your children were young and you started out homeschooling. I just wish were were starting out on a better situation. We'll be together as a family and that will really help get us through.
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I would definately check out the laws in any states I'm considering moving to prior to the move. Have you been to ?? I'd also check out the vaccination exemptions for the state if that is an issue for you.

Here is a link to the laws for PA

Your 5 year old is below the compulsory attendance age for PA (which is 8).
First of all, good luck to you with all of these changes. Th egood news is that moving will be the perfect time to start your homeschooling adventure. I would not even bother with structure for a while- the kids will need time to learn how being at home all day will be, snd so will you. Plus, you will be busy unpackign and learning your way around your new community. I woudl find your local homeschooling support groups, and the library and just go from there.

Here's some links:

I belong to a homeschooling group here in Philadelphia. As a new arrival from Chicago, I really count on advice from these very knowledgable mamas. Are you headed this way? I can pull up some resources too, and I'll post them when I'm not zipping out the door!
Thank you all so much. I didn't have a couple of those links. I didn't realize that you still had to do an exemption from vaccinations if you homeschool, but it looks like that it is easy to get one. I'm going to research those sites later today. My question is do I have to start all over with 3rd grade for my dd? I now know I don't have to worry about my ds yet. This is the weekend I'm going to finish going through all of my books and try to get some outline of what curriculum I want to use. Wemberly I would love to hear from you. We aren't sure where we are moving yet, but it is in the Philadelphia area. I guess we should be close to a library since we will be checking out a ton of books. How is the library system out there? We would like to rent for a short term and check out the are and then decide where to move into a house. Do you live in the city?
Thanks a bunch
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About starting over with your dd-
NO, absolutely not!
If she were switching schools, she would be placed where she was in the last school, regardless of wether or not she had done the exact same material. You just pick up where she is and go from there. And only doing half a year, I wouldn't buy any year curriculums, I would just do lots of reading, and some hand son stuff for the other areas. If she likes science- get some experiments she can do, if she's into history, find some historical fiction for her to read, if you're worried about spelling and math- get some cheapie workbooks from the drugstore/grocery store/Target . Don't get caught up on curriculum- your kids will be learning every day, and they will need time to adjust to being home.
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