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swollen ankles anyone?

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I'm 29 weeks and it's just begun. I already wear pregnancy stockings to help with varicose veins I developed last time. They help but by the end of the day, my ankles are swollen.

Anyone else? Which week are you in?
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Im there with you mama

I am 28wks3days and this is babe #7 for me. I got really bad varicose veins with my last babe, starting at my ankle and working all the way up to my knee on both legs, although the right is worse. Most times they dont bother too much pain wise, just are ugly as sin to look at. I dont have weight issues, but Ive carried a lot of babes so my circulation is not the best. I have tried the compression stockings but had really bad swelling above and below them at the ankle and thigh so I just havent bothered with them. Horse chestnut and vitmain E are the 2 herbals I have found that give a little relief. I try to put my feet up when the pains are feeling sharp, but that isnt anywhere near as often as I would like with a houseful of LO's. By the evening I definitley have swelling in my ankles, and once the kids are in bed I keep off my feet for the rest of the night and alernate between a cold/hot pack and keep them elevated. I also try to soak them in a foot bath with cool water and some lavender oil. Maybe this will help for you. Hang in there, we dont have too much longer to go! Mine have always lost their swelling after birth and shrunk down.

Blessed Be!
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me! It's been ebbing and flowing, and lately sticking around. I'm between 26 and 27 weeks. My ring is still on my hand so I know it's not too bad. I'm fighting off one nasty cold so I'm hoping once I feel better that it's at least a little bit more under control.
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