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swollen feet and ankles at 33 weeks

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hello all. this is my 2nd pregnancy. with the first my feet didnt start to swell to 38 weeks (and then for a couple weeks pp). It has started much earlier this time. I think its partly the heat and partly because i'm much more active this pregnancy.
I try and keep my feel elevated, drink plenty of water. I've heard that watermelon can help.
any tips you've heard that you'd like to pass on?
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Hey, this is my first pregnancy, and I think my swollen ankles started around 33 weeks. it varies w/weather, definitely was better when cooler, and they've been poofing up like crazy w/recent increased humidity.

have also heard watermelon can help, also cucumbers, and salting your food to taste. Also, exercise is supposed to help.

Mine are worse when I sit at my desk all day, much better at home when I'm walking around, and able to rest with them up periodically.

good luck!
I'm 35 weeks and so far not having trouble with this. Last pregnancy I gained a ton of water weight in my last 5 weeks... I"m hoping I don't have a repeat.

But... I've been craving watermelon like crazy for weeks and have eaten some every day (some days- I've eaten a lot of it). I hadn't ever heard that watermelon helps with swelling- so it is interesting to read that.

I'm also drinking water like a camel. I'm going through a 12-16 oz cup every hour or so. It is crazy.
I'll have to get the exact recipe from my midwife but last time she told me the juice of half a lemon, water, and cream of tartar. I don't remember in what quantities. It tasted nasty but it worked! Besides that..lots of water, elevate your feet, and lay on your left side.
My midwife recommended evening primrose oil for the foot swelling. 500-1500mg/day, as well as all the take it easy/elevate/hydrate as much as possible stuff.

Ack!! Cream of tartar?? That's up there with castor oil...ehhhh....asren't we pregnant women goign through enough already??
I'm drinking dandelion leaf tea for swelling. It's supposed to be a diuretic (sp?), which I guess is why I'm peeing ALL the time, more than the usual once an hour, even.
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