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Symptoms TMI alert...

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Hello lovely ladies! So, I know that constipation is a symptom of pregnancy, but is the opposite also a symptom? I've gone from 0-1 a day to 2-4 and frequent diarrhea! Anyone else experiencing this?
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everymorning when I wake up I'm running to the bathroom
and some days its the same throughout the day. I'm def going more since I've been pregnant. your not alone. I have to remind myself its probably better than being the opposite.
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I have been too. I don't know whats up but I had mojor constipation with DC#1 and I will gladly take the loose over
I had loose bowel movements over the last few weeks. It is definitely a symptom for many women.
With DS, I had frequent diarrhea. With DD, I was constipated.

Maybe I'll be regular this time.
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Well, I'm glad to know I'm not alone! As others said, I think I'd rather this than the opposite!
Wow, I am glad I'm not the only one. I have had loose stools the first few weeks. Finally it has firmed up a little

I do prefer loose over constipated though!
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I'm so constipated right now, I'll switch you!
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I had that last pregnancy and it was aggravated by some of the supplements reccomended by my midwife. The ones that I could identify as making it worse were alfalfa tablets, anything with magnesium (such as maalox or a cal/mag supplement), and vitamin C. It got really bad at one point (not sure if I had a tummy bug or what) and that's exactly when my BP started acting up too. This time I'm avoiding all those things.
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