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I've had T-Tapp for 1.5 months. At first, I was doing T-Tapp every day or every other day. I bought they whole shebang.

To be honest, I'm not loving it. I haven't seen great results, but I haven't been eating very well either. That certainly makes a difference. I also realized after several weeks that I definitely needed a day off between workouts. I was alternating TWO and BWO+ each day, and it was too much for me. My legs just couldn't take it. So I added Walk Away The Pounds every other day. Now I'm doing WATP every day, and T-Tapp (usually BWO+) a couple times a week. I didn't feel like T-Tapp was enough, but then I was highly motiviated, and wanted to feel like I was making a big effort every day.

I really don't think I qualify to give an answer about whether or not it "really works." I didn't lose a dress size in 6 weeks, although I know others have. But I am sticking with it, and hope to see some progress.
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