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Take Our Children To Work Day & Lactation Rooms

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I'm not sure if this is lactivism, but it sure made me feel good to hear!

I should start by saying I am pretty lucky to work in a very large government complex (think 5,000 - 10,000 people) that has a health unit, nurses on staff, and dedicated lactation rooms. They are similar to exam rooms in a doctor's office with rocking chairs, government-published breastfeeding posters hanging on the walls (actually depicting women breastfeeding), and a sink to clean parts. We sign in and out and the cover sheet actually says "For lactating mothers" and has a mary/jesus looking picture of a woman nursing.

Anyway, there are SO many kids here today, they're everywhere! I went to pump a little while ago and there was a group of kids there taking a tour of the health center. The nurse giving the tour was asking them what they thought this room was for (in the pumping room that I was waiting for) and A few of the kids said BABIES! And she then explained that they were lactation rooms, moms come here to express milk into bottles, put them in icepacks, and take them home to their babies, since they can't breastfeed them at work. She went in to a little more detail, very professional and matter of fact like it was the most normal and natural way for babies to be fed. Her little speech was really nice and the kids were really interested. Some of the dad employees looked uncomfortable, I don't care! I was so happily surprised that this nurse took the time to explain the lactation rooms!! It is the happiest thing that's happened at work all week!

I want to write these nurses and their boss a letter thanking them for being lactivists!

However, despite all of that promotion within the health unit, it's relatively hidden from the rest of the complex. There are less than 10 women who regularly use the rooms, and that's a miniscule amout out of thousands of people. I feel like most women don't even know about the place, or they give up after a month or two. Should I pursue trying to get the word out?
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