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Navy Blue Ultimate Baby Wrap (never been washed) - Love this wrap but we're moving literally across the continent and across the border so some things gotta go. Now that DS is bigger and we have an ergo we don't use it at all.

Humco brand Gentian Violet - does this stuff go bad? I had a hard time finding it when I got it over a year ago - I'm figuring since it has alcohol in it it's ok for a long time.

Smoke Free Home

I don't really want anything for them, I have a couple of pregnant friends but there's no guarantee they will use the wrap so I'd rather send it to someone that will use it.

This is my first trading post post lol If no one claims them on here within two weeks I'll just give them to one of my pregnant friends in the hopes they will use it.

PM me if you want either of them.

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