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TAKEN: LTK Hybrid rib soaker pattern

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I bought this pattern a few months ago and made one soaker and decided that I didn't like the fit for my DD and haven't used it since. I paid $13 for it, I'll sell for $10.
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This may be a little nosey, but I'm not sure that she allows the reselling of her patterns, since they are pdf files...
i think as long as you delete the original PDF from your computer it is okay. Well I aksed Theresa about trading aptterns and that was her answer. Not sure if the same applies for selling.
I was told by someone that if I did not make a copy to save for myself and then sell it then it would be okay. I was planning on selling it to someone and then completely deleting it off of my computer. In no way would I want to harm a WAHM's business. If it's not okay, though, I'd be happy to delete this post.
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