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taking antibiotics while breastfeeding

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i need to go to the dentist and since i have a heart murmur they require me to take antibiotics. are these safe to take while breastfeeding? everything i've read seems to say that as long as it's a short series of most medication it's ok. just looking for some confirmation. TIA
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I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and was on antibiotics for a week. Just tell them you are BFing and they will give you one that is approved for BFing. Also take a probiotic 2 hours after each antibiotic and continue taking probiotcs for at least 2 weeks after the course is finished. I also would give my dd a little probiotic every day while i was taking them along with some yougurt once a day. I just opend the capsule and put a little bit of the powder in her food or mouth. Give her the probiotic for 2 weeks after you are done as well. That should help prevent a yeast infection.
I was recently diagnosed with lymes disease and I have been on antibiotics for a month. I let the doctor know that I breast fed and he gave me the appropriate antibiotics. I am now on a second month of antibiotics because the lymes have still not gone away. no problems with nursing though.
part 2:
well I have started a new medication since the last medication did not work and the doctor said it was safe to nurse with. I took the first pill last night but dd woke up right after wanting more milk so i nursed her a little longer. That night she could not sleep and seemed to have gas. The next morning she had a rash all over her stomach and back. it must have passed through my milk and she must have had an allergic reaction to the medicine because it is safe to take while bf. i stopped taking right away and got out the frozen milk for the rest of the night until the medicine is out of my system. now i am not sure what to do because i need to take the antibiotics to get rid of the lymes disease.
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I mostly just want to agree w/ Lydiah. Eat as much fermented foods as possible - real pickles, sauerkraut, yogurt, miso, etc., and take a probiotic supplement b/n antibiotic pills. Also, they make probiotic powders that babies can take. You can even put it right on your nipple for baby to get that way if he/she isn't eating solids yet. Or, you can mix it w/ a little water and feed it to baby w/ a spoon. DD loved the stuff! Make sure you let your doctor know you're BFing, b/c some antibiotics are not safe for BFing babies.
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