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Taking Control of Birth

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Why is the focus of birth now to take control of the whole process???

After giving birth you realize how much the Birth is in COntrol of itself!

I saw a really great video by Joseph Chilton Peirce, and he encouraged women to take back the control, while I agree, maybe we should let up on the control all together?

I read that way back in 1970 or so Immaculate Deception was handedout for free to all Preggo ladies theycould find.

Yes!! Let the real knowledge and information, and statistics be handed out for free.

Let women decide on their own where, when and how to give a good birth.
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"Let women decide on their own where, when and how to give a good birth."

That is, to me, what I mean when I say that I want to be the one in control: I mean as opposed to *others* making these decisions, not as opposed to my body's instinctive process. I haven't seen the video you mentioned (although I did read Magical Child) -- I wonder if that's the sort of control he was referring to?
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