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talk sex with Sue Johanson

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Did anyone else catch this last night? A 37 year old man called in and asked if it would be "okay" for him to get circumcised - his girlfriend wanted him to do it for her religion. Not only did Sue give him incorrect information (but I'm not sure if I can say what it was since it had to do with religion) but she didn't even try to talk him out of it! The man made it pretty plain the he did NOT want to do it, and she didn't encourage him to keep his foreskin in the least. Just told him what the procedure would involve. I can't imagine wanting my husband to go through any cosmetic surgery for me, for any reason. I'm really disappointed in the way Sue handled this call. I wish she would have at least listed the benefits of keeping his foreskin, if not for him, then as a lesson for her viewers.

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I wrote Dr. Sue about this a couple of years ago and there were several others who also wrote. It's apparent that she doesn't want to know and prefers to stick with all of the old myths. I also wrote the Berman sisters and they also continue to put out all of the same old crap. At least they have the excuse of being Jewish.

Being Jewish does not preclude a SEX EXPERT from understanding a critical part of male anatomy or human sexual function. Would a Jewish scholar of Buddhism be pardoned for not understanding reincarnation because they are Jewish? The premise is insulting to Jews by implying that they are not capable of these fundamantal understandings of their profession because of their faith. Dr. Ruth is also a sex expert who has refused to be educated on the issue... also Dr. Laura. T. Berry Brazleton knows what he needs to, but can't bring himself to express it publicly. The Berman Sisters are not excused because they are Jewish, plain and simple they are just not intrerested in professional excellence.

Love Sarah

Originally Posted by Sarah
Would a Jewish scholar of Buddhism be pardoned for not understanding reincarnation because they are Jewish?
Kind of OT, but that is not a valid analogy. Reincarnation is absolutely part of the Jewish mystical tradition.

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Thank you Sarah. That was exactly the kind of response I was trying to elicit. There is no excuse for the Berman sisters or anyone else that gives "professional" advise without knowing the facts. The kind of advice the Bermans and apparently, Dr. Sue are giving out is very unprofessional and reflects their discrimination against the male in favor of the cultural myths. Very unprofessional and inexcuseable.

I'm going to call in and say "My dh REALLY wants me to get breast implants and my labia trimmed for his religion. What ever should I do?"

Can you imagine the response?!
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