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Talk to me about barrier methods/LAM

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Im not using hormonal bc anymore, so I need some info, advice on barrier methods and also LAM. I didnt get the chance to try LAM last time b/c AF returned 8wks pp
: I'm considering getting a diaphragm- anyone have success with this? I was thinking about IUD but we've decided against that for philosophical reasons ( same reason for no pill either ). In the 4 years DH and I have been together, we've almost never used condoms or anything else- so I could really use some good info! TIA
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I've used the diaprham in the past and been happy with it. It can cause some local irritation, but that's minimized by not using it as often (ie, using FAM so I only use the barrier when it's truly needed.)
Something I learned recently about condoms--they need to fit. If they don't fit they won't go on right and it's a huge pain in the neck for no effect. If you go online you can find out different companies size their condoms and get the right size.
Hi mama poot, I can relate! I used hormonal bc for many years but after my 3rd baby I had learned that synthectic hormones are not all that fantastic for your health. And I also got af back 8 weeks pp with my 1st 2! (But not until 7mos pp with my 3rd, go figure)

Anyway, I had sooo gotten used to the convenience of the pill or norplant that when I 1st started researching barrier methods I just hated it. But over time I've definitely gotten used to it (dealing with barrier methods), & I feel good about not filling myself with synthetic hormones, y'know? So we use the diaphragm & I actually really like it. It's super easy to put in & take out, I never feel it & it hasn't caused me any problems. We don't use spermicide with it as we (dp especially) thought that spermicide just can't be good have squashed up against your cervix, it being a chemical who's purpose is to kill things & all. But. We want to have another baby soon, so I'm not freaked out about the thought of "accidentally" conceiving. After the next baby though, I will be freaked out. My plan for then is FAM & condoms.
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