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and the ASD child. Some background:

DD is 25 months old, and is somewhere on the spectrum. She has no real motor skill issues, and her social skills are not bad (well, by ASD standards), but her speech and language are grossly delayed (she's maybe at a 12 month level with both expressive and receptive language). She has made occasional progress with speech, only to lose those skills. Right now, she's on an upswing, starting to use a couple of words (though most are just for labeling, she is able to now sign and say "eat" when she is actually hungry).

DH has a friend/coworker whose wife does cranio sacral therapy. Several months ago we took them up on an offer to do a free session for DD. We spent some time together, talking about DD and where she was with various skills at the time. DD was surprisingly cooperative with the whole thing. And the therapist (I've managed to forget her first name, duh
) seemed very knowledgeable, and I felt very comfortable with her and what she was doing. Anyway, we never did it again, so I don't have a sense of whether or not it could help DD. I really don't know enough about the therapy to get a sense of whether this is something we ought to pursue. But now that a few months have passed, I'm increasingly dissatisfied with the help we're getting from EI, and am looking at some of my other options. Since we're now receiving SSI/Disability for DD, I have the means to explore other therapies (well, a little anyway).

There are other things I'm looking into - I'm not looking for suggestions on what sorts of therapies to pursue, as I know there are plenty. I just realized that we have this particular resource at our disposal, and we never really completely explored it. So any opinions on the topic would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
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