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Many moons ago, before I was married, I was told that I had a low progesterone level. Lots of extraneous hair crowth, wicked evil volatile PMS, massive cramps... I got on BC pills and evened out emotionally. I got off them and immediately conceived Grace. I spotted throughout my first trimester, but didnt know that it was caused by low progesterone at the time.<br><br>
I didnt get back on after I had Grace, and had unmedicated post partum depression. I had short luteal phases after my cycle returned, and then conceived Lily. No spotting this time.<br><br>
After Lily, emotionally things got pretty nuts. My relationships with my older daughter and husband are not where they need to be. Most days since Lily was born 18 months ago, I feel like if my husband and older daughter just left us, it would take me along time to miss them. I feel like this on a consistent basis and I know it is not good. To me that is a big roadsign for post partum depression.<br><br>
Could taking BC pills or being on a progesterone supplement be an alternative to anti depressants? Could low progesterone be the issue here?<br><br>
I have no idea what Im talking about, so please inform me as I surf the net looking for my own answers.<br><br>
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