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Okay, I have a 4mo son. He eats Enfamil Infant formula mostly, but we supplement with donor milk from a friend. I know that friend doesn't intake caffeine, but other than that I don't know details of her diet. She nurses her own children, and I trust her well enough to know she doesn't take medications that are dangerous or anything like that.

My son has had, for a while now, maybe a few weeks, a lot of redness in the folds of his groin. The pelvic-to-leg folds, his bum, and also the fold between his pelvis and belly. There are not bumps, scabs, or other lesions, it's just red.

I thought originally that it was diaper rash. Diaper rash cream has done nothing for it. I also noticed some bumps on his face, which I had been thinking were baby acne, but they are colorless. When I looked up these two things together, I came away with teething rash. Which makes sense because we think he is teething. He drools CONSTANTLY, like buckets, two clothes-changes-a-day. I can feel bumps in his gums, and he chews on everything, etc.

So what I read is not to use diaper cream, but vaseline instead, because it protects both ends from the drool. We have switched to that for now. However, the one thing that worries me is that he seems to be trying to scratch his face a lot. I can't be sure, since his coordination is, well, four months old, but it looks like he is trying to rub his nose or scratch an itch somewhere around his nose--which is what I do when my allergies are acting up.

My question is, does this sound like teething rash or something else? Another rash, or possibly an allergy to the environment? Do food allergies usually involve upset stomach?
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