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Talk to me about renovating borders

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Stepping away from the vegetable garden questions for a bit, what about the flower beds around our houses? Mine at least has a ton of nice flowering shrubs that I don't want to pull up, but I'm not sure how to prep the bed without disturbing their roots.

HELP!!! I want to plant pretty flowers!

Oh, and the beds already have daffodils and violets come up each year and my stupid lawn is infesting the bed.
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I just did this today! I am not gentle at all. I guress that I just hack away. Especially in bulb beds, I used a small hand rake to mark the bed line and then I just lightly tilled the soil with the hand rake, until I felt it was done sufficiently to amend the soil a little. Then I made a clear deviation for the bed. I used shredded paper to amend and aerate the bed a little. My bulbs are already shooting through the ground, and some I went ahead and thinned out and replanted. Again, not gingerly at all.

As far as the shrubs, I always figure that the roots are fairly rooted, as long as the shrub has been there a couple of seasons. If you were to work the ground down just a few inches 4-6 inches the roots shouldn't be disturbed, and if they are then your shrub likely needs to get deeper roots and replanting with a better root orientation may not be a bad idea. Giving you the opportunity to deepen the roots and the health of the shrub.

Good luck, sounds like you are about to do what I am attempting to do in our new yard right now!
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