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Talk to me about using prefolds and covers please

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Today I only had one dipe leftand no way to do the wash until tomorrow. OS i took the soaker out of his last AIO and put one of the prefolds that i have only used as bed pads for months and it worked great. IT's huge but it works. I tried this when he was a wee button but it was just to huge and bulky, it leaked bf poop out the legs of the kushies covers i had, and it made the velcro on his covers scratch him even worse.
but now i am thinking maybe with infant sized prefodls and wahm made sanp covers i could do my question is it possible with prefold and cover and no pins or snappies to keep newborn poo in the diaper?

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Not really. Knitting in the shade posted an awsome way to fold a prefold to keep in the poopies. It is called sidewall. But it need to be pinned or snappied.
I am using infant pf's with no pins or snappis, just a bumpkins cover. I have been using these for maybe 2 weeks now without one leak. My dd is 8 weeks old and has explosive poos. they occasional get on the cover but have yet to leak out.

The bumpkins covers have a pocket at the top to stuff the excess portion of pf into and I tri-fold it in the middle and spread it out in the back - it works great! I even used this method last night with a doubler and fleece liner with no problems.

I would like to try a snappi down the road when I have the money to spend, but I honestly have no complaints with what I am doing now. I have a few fitteds that I love because they are cute and faster, but I could certainly live without them!

eta - I just looked back and saw that the OP was reffering to a newborn. I didn't cd when she was a new-newborn, so it could be harder with the baby being real tiny and the poop being a bit runnier. It works for my chunky 8 week old though!

If I can answer any Q'a let me know!
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