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Tamiflu and Toddlers?

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So I believe DH has the flu. We'll be going to the doctor later to confirm and quite possibly get a prescription for Tamiflu, for him and us. Anyone give it to their toddlers or take it while breastfeeding? He has been pretty much unconscious for 24 hours with fever, chills, body aches, etc. I'd really like to avoid this if at all possible. None of us have had the flu shot.
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I'm not positive, but I don't think tamiflu will elminate the possibiilty of catching the flu. It sometimes reduces the length of the illness though. For us, when our 1 year old got the flu, the tamiflu wasn't worth it--we declined it, and she was almost back to normal after 3 days--the tamiflu will sometimes shorten the duration of the flu to 5 days. So, apparently my own toddler healed faster than the tamiflu would have benefitted.

When my 1 year old had the flu, DH did too. But DS and I never got it. So, I personally wouldn't take the risks of the medication if it's not positive you'll get it, and since toddlers who are well nourished and well hydrated prior to the flu can usually heal faster without the medication...
Tamiflu stops the virus from exiting your cells, but it does not stop it from getting in there and infecting you. It just makes the flu a little less severe. When my toddler was exposed to flu I have him a natural supplement called Immunity Take Care, that is basically a super concentrated elderberry pill. It had clinicals the showed it stops the flu virus from entering your cells. It worked like a charm for us. I dissolved the pill in water and fed the juice to my toddler. I gave him two a day, and I took like 6 of them. DH was super sick- laid out for weeks and neither of us got sick.
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