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Hello Mothing Community.

I am new to this site and have a question. I have completed my first unsuccesful IUI using Clomid. The doctor told me the Clomid had an effect on my uterus lining (made it thin) he has now suggested TAMOXIFEN. Has anyone used this drug? if so, any information would be very helpful
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I'm pretty sure that I just started clomid earlier in my cycle (I did days 1-5 on two different cycles) and took baby aspirin daily after O until I was 12 weeks pregnant.

sorry it didn't work mama, i hope it happens for you soon!
Isn't Tamoxifen a cancer drug?
as is femara... (which is also prescribed for infertility)

but they're both designed to fight estrogen dominance... which is also a well known cause of infertility. I think that's the logic the doctors are using.

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Isn't Tamoxifen a cancer drug?

It has the same concept as Femara, but Femara works better. It inhibits the estrogen receptors, and confuses our bodies into thinking we need more estrogen. We produce more, and we build follies. I used femara, after clomid failed. I have gone almost 12 years w/o any birth control for DH or I, never had great follies. One month with Femara, and had a trigger shot with 19 and 17mm follies. Not the greatest, but better than anything that I produced on my own :).

Good luck Denise, and please keep us updated on what'd going on
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And MP beat me to the answer
! Okay, well I have PCOS, so I actually need more estrogen, as I have waaaay too much testosterone, and my estrogen/progesterone are too low
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